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Counselling and Psychotherapy, for Individuals, and Groups, in Lincoln and London.

Welcome to my website. I am an accredited and registered therapist, with over 25 years post-qualifying experience, having worked within the NHS, private practice, the corporate sector, and for a number of psychotherapy and counselling services.

I offer counselling, and psychotherapy to individuals, and groups, on an open-ended basis, or for an agreed number of sessions in Lincoln and, on one day a week, in London.  I am also a UKCP registered clinical supervisor for counsellors and psychotherapists.

I believe in facilitating access to counselling and psychotherapy. I have a set fee for the initial appointment ( which lasts up to 75 mins) and a sliding scale of fees for ongoing sessions. My clients choose their own fee from within that scale. (You will find full details on the Taking the Next Step page.)

Dual trained to work with individuals and groups, both my qualifying courses (University of London and Guild of Psychotherapisrs) are UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) accredited, and I am UKCP and BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) registered. I have a DBS enhanced certificate, issued in July 2016.

One-to-one counselling and psychotherapy: face-to-face and online.

My clients come into counselling or psychotherapy for a variety of reasons, including: depression; emotional problems; relationship difficulties and breakdown; family problems and conflicts; abuse or neglect during childhood; anxiety and/or stress; loss and bereavement; work-related problems; child sexual abuse; Post Traumatic Stress; eating disorders; self esteem; and personality problems.

Not everyone knows what is bothering them, however. It is possible to feel confused and unhappy without being clear why. You might be struggling to make sense of an experience, or who you feel you are, for example, or perhaps you feel your life lacks meaning.

I usually see my clients in my consulting rooms in Lincoln, or London, but I also offer online appointments (via Skype and Facetime) to those who are unable, for a variety of reasons - including time constraints, mobility issues or location - to attend face-to-face appointments. It is important to make sure you have a secure internet connection for online sessions.
In London, I have one available appointment, currently, on Thursday at 8 a.m.
I have no available appointments for individual therapy, currently, in Lincoln I only have vacancies in the therapy group mentioned below.


I facilitate psychotherapy, reflective practice, peer support groups, and experiential groups, in the NHS, social care, educational, and corporate sectors. I am a member of the Group Analytic Society (International).

Young Adults’ Therapy Group starting in 2019 for 18 to 30 year olds. The group would suit young adults who wish to explore issues of their identity in relationship to other people/ their transition from study to work/ their past and present experiences, including traumatic experiences/ the environmental pressures of work and housing/ their relationships/ social isolation/ their use of social media and internet technology/ and their psychological and emotional difficulties, including anxiety and depression.

The Young Adults’ Group will meet weekly, on Monday evenings. It will be a mixed gender group with a maximum of 8 places. Members are asked to make a minimum commitment of a year. Fee scale £10-25. Members choose their own fee within that scale. Initial on-to-one appointment £20.

Clinical supervision

I am a UKCP registered clinical supervisor for other psychotherapists and counsellors, working with either groups, or individuals. I offer face to face appointments to practitioners living in and around Lincoln, and online appointments to those living further afield. (Please see more information about my work as a clinical supervisor on the My Approach page).

What next?
If you would like to learn more about coming into psychotherapy or counselling with me, please read the pages here about my approach, and my qualifications and experience. Or if you prefer to talk this through, please telephone me. My fees are detailed on the Taking the Next Step page of this website.

To make an initial appointment, please telephone or email me. If you email me, please let me know whether you are based in Lincoln or London, whether you are seeking a daytime or evening appointment, and whether there are any days/times you cannot manage. If you telephone me and I am not able to answer your call immediately, please leave me a message, and I will call you back as soon as possible.

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